Islamic Texts and General Resources

This is an incredible collection of digitized, searchable Arabic texts (primarily classical), and it grows daily. Be aware: The whole site is in Arabic, so make sure you know what links you are clicking! Also, you will need to register your name and some basic information with the site, but it's free to use after that. Be sure to search for terms specific enough that they would not appear in several hundred texts at once; I would also recommend the "advanced search" (البحث المتقدم) with the settings on كلمات and مع سوابق و لواحق. That seems to work best, but you can play around with it. In addition, the page numbering for these digitized versions does not correspond to printed editions. So if you plan on citing for a paper, you'll need to get a printed edition and rely on the table of contents/index/other scholarly apparatus, or just thumb through the pages to find the citation. It's a great resource -- hope it helps!

You can search books of ḥadīth, tafsīr, and ta'rīkh (including prophetic biography) on this website. This is similar in some ways to Al-Waraq: The site is in Arabic, and you have to be careful with references. Here's an example of a page from Ṣaḥīḥ Bukhārī:
Again, this is mostly in Arabic, but great resource where you can search through many different Qur'ānic exegeses from various persuasions and time periods.

A large repository of Islamic texts and reference works available for download:

Extended family tree (in Arabic) of the Prophet Muhammad and the Banī Umayya:

The Database of Medieval Nubian Texts (DBMNT), through the University of Warsaw. The site is supposed to have photos and tracings of these texts, but they may not load reliably.