Persian Language and Grammar Resources

(But wait, I thought Persian had no grammar! Just kidding... sort of.)
The U. Texas site might be the best thing available online. Please correct me if I'm wrong!
An open-source Persian textbook, written by Anousha Shahsavari and Blake Atwood.
BYU also has a useful site, with a lot of things under its umbrella. Worth checking out! I have used a couple of their resources in particular: the Persian verb conjugator, and the list of Persian verbs. Links just below. Please use the verb conjugator with caution; I'm not sure it would always produce 100% correct results!

Ann Lambton's Persian grammar (Cambridge UP, 1971) remains a definitive work. I sometimes hate it, but I always treasure it.

Wheeler Thackston's "Introduction to Persian" (now 4th. ed. Ibex, 2009) may be dubious as a textbook for intro Persian classes, but it functions quite comfortably as a grammar reference.

via Austin O'Malley: an online wiki of colloquial Persian words and phrases.

via Maryam Sabbaghi: a list of common Arabic words, phrases and expressions that have entered common usage in Persian, along with "original Persian" alternatives. Fun for nurturing your Iranian nationalist (and/or Kasravi enthusiast) side.

A name pronunciation tool (with many languages, including Persian):