Online Persian-Language Media

Jadidonline: Here you can watch numerous clips about art, culture, history, travel, etc. Usually a clip simply consists of slideshows on a story with commentary/background music. English-versions of the stories are also posted! is an excellent site where you can watch/download Persian movies and TV series for free.

Bia2: Here you can listen to the latest Iranian pop music.

IRIB: The offical website of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (aka صدا و سیما). Here you can watch live state TV and radio. I especially recommend listening to Radio Farhang (Culture Radio).

The BBC Persian page: Great if you want to practice reading Persian news articles and at the same time get the latest news from Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan.

Voice of America-Persian: This is where important US officials often get interviewed and their statements are translated into Persian (or they attempt to speak Persian).

RadioFarda is a fun radio station! Here you can listen to the news in Persian and some good music.

Persian Hub: A place to find Persian movies, TV shows, and music.

"Radio" (رادیو): Turn the dial at to top of the screen to link to different IRIB radio stations.
My favorite station is: گفت و گو (Conversation).