Persian Poetry Resources

Peck Shahnameh Manuscript, Princeton University Digital Library:

Wikisource Persian:

An excellent Dīvān-e Ḥāfez̧ website, recitation to music included:

(Lots of classical Persian texts. This obviously doesn't replace legit scholarly editions, but it can be fun and a useful reference. Also, when reading a poem on Ganjoor, you can double-click any word and load the Dehkhoda dictionary entry for it.)

Āvā-ye Āzād:
(Tons of modern Persian poetry available. Again, not exactly a scholarly resource, but still fun and useful.)

Frances Pritchett's website is a behemoth for all things South Asia, including Persian:

Cambridge Shahnama Project. From the site intro: "This site brings you a comprehensive collection of manuscripts of the Shahnama, the Persian epic 'Book of Kings', completed by the poet Firdausi in AD 1010, together with a display of the miniature paintings in each one. There are currently about 1500 manuscripts and single pages recorded, 18,000 records of paintings, and 12,000 images from all over the world, now accessible with a few clicks of a mouse."

A wiki bibliography of resources (work in progress) on the Shahnameh: